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Optimization is a key component to online marketing. Your landing page, or home page also known as the first page of your website is instrumental in the optimization process. Optimizing your homepage will ensure that visitors to your website find what they expect. If your web page is properly optimized for keywords, organic searches will lead potential customers to your website.
By providing relevant and engaging content on your homepage you increase the likelihood that a visitor will further explore your webpage. Optimization is practically useless if visitors leave without reading or interacting with your website. This is known as a bounce rate and is related to the success rate of your optimization.
The first thing any landing page should do is showcase the actual product. This includes attractive images and videos of the product that highlight the main features, which tell the customer why they need your product/how it can improve their every day life. Of course, the basics should also be covered in your landing page as well. When the customer finds out how great your product/service can be to them, they will now want to get down to business. Let the customer know what they need to know, but do not overwhelm them with too much information at once. It is better to hit the main points/features in a shortand straight to the point manner. 

5 Steps To inprove your landing page optimization.

1.Making sure the title tag is optimized for the page. A great many of companies get this wrong and just may put their company name in this place.
  • 1.Making sure the title tag is optimized for the page. A great many of companies get this wrong and just may put their company name in this place. This will not help. A good idea is to take a look at the page that you are wanting to fix up in Google External Tool. Enter in your domain and see what they believe your page is all about. This will give you a good idea of how the main search engines will see your page. You may find that what they display has nothing to do with what you are trying to rank for. If this is the case make sure that you take note of this and put it aside for now. As we will come back to it near the end of this article.
  • 2.Make sure you are using your main keywords in your heading tags. This is good for the search engines and visitors to your site. It is good for the search engines because it helps to define what your page is all about. You are showing emphasis to those titles as an introduction to the rest of the page. It is also good for the user because web surfers usually dont read a whole page, but actually scan a site for information that they want to read about. Try to only use 1 heading 1 tag per page. If you have more than one heading 1 tag it can confuse both the search engines and user as to what your page is about.
  • 3.Make sure the content is themed to your main keyword. This is rather harder than it sounds, but it is a good practice to start. If you want to explain a subject in detail make sure that it is all done on that page only and then sub-categories are done on secondary pages. This is something that has deeper importance. The importance of it is to help make sure that the page you are creating is silo-structured correctly. The simple definition of silo-structuring is that pages are broken down into groups correctly. So your main page might be -Cats and then the subpages could be -Cat Health, Cat Names, Cat Tricks, Cat Training, etc. Then those are broken even further down into Cat Health Cat Hair Ball Prevention, Cat Medicine, Cat Required Shots, etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg on this subject, but in other articles I will go into further depth.
  • 4.Make sure your images are tagged correctly. You will not want to have your images on your page called 011343.jpg and have no alt text. You will want to name the images on the page work into the theme of that page. So if we are back on cats it could be -cats01.jpg with the alt text of Cute Picture of Cats. This will help to keep your pages theme structured correctly. This is mostly for the search bots, but it can help if someone is using a text only browser.
  • 5.Using LSI keywords in the text of the page. This is one of those topics that a lot of SEOs argue if this is actually working or it is a bunch of bull. I would rather do it and maybe be wrong, then not do it and be, well wrong. What I mean by LSI keywords is trying to find keywords that would go with your theme of your page. Back to the Cats example you might decide to use words like Kittens, Feline, Types of Cats, Whiskers, Claws, Tails, etc. You hopefully get the idea. Words that are geared around the same theme as your page.
  • The most important thing about a landing page is keeping it fresh. Regular changes will keep visitors guessing and attract more organic search engine attention. The lesson here, change is good.

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