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Fullsys Inc. offers custom Web Development Coding

Coding is a major component of web development for everything from website design to custom software and applications.  Like content management systems, many codes are open source, making them available to everyone to use at no cost.   Every web developer may have a variety of coding knowledge and many codes are used congruently in developing custom websites or software.  While coding is something that must be learned just like any language, it is best described as a way for your website to be interpreted and displayed.  

Developers must keep many things in mind when customizing a webpage, usability, functionality, upgrades, display, integration, media, load time and demand.  Below are some explanations of a few of the codes that Fullsys inc. has used to provide custom coding solutions for web development clients.

One of the most popular open source codes, and widely used code is PHP.  It is being used on approximately 40% of the websites available live on the internet today.  PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page and is now representative of hypertext preprocessor.  PHP can be implemented directly into HTML which can make it easy to use and manipulate without external databases.

AJAX is a group of technologies, it stands for Javascript and XML.  It was created in the late 90s as a way of bypassing the problem presented with server response times.  In some cases it is important to make sure coding is congruent with browsers that may not have the capability enabled, especially on phones or tablets.  This problem and other potential problems may be remedied by coupling HTML5 with AJAX code.  Search engines also do not crawl this type of code, so an alternative way to access the content must be provided.

jQuery is used on 80% of the top visited websites today.  It was developed in 2006 and is open source. Its design improves navigation and allows for animation and allows for use of open source applications designed for increased usability.  jQuery code has been integrated into many softwares like Microsofts Visual Studio.

Java is very versatile, designed to run the same no matter where it is used.  Unfortunately it does have a reputation for being a slower loading coding language.  Google used Java as its main platform for the android operating systems.

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