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Fullsys Inc. offers custom and content management systems

Content management systems are often used to manage websites that have blog, shopping or news based functionalities.  This is generally useful because it allows ease of use when changing text, video, links and pictures without having to worry about custom coding.  Specific web content management systems are great for taking charge of your own website changes especially if they are required often.

Independant content management systems can be created not just for controlling a website.  These specific systems allow for manipulation and organization of documents, contacts and records with added security features and tailored usability options.

Wordpress is probably the most well known and perhaps the most used content management system.  It is our top recommended content management system because of its versatility and ease of uses.  Their blogging platform offers a plethora of customizable solutions.  They also offer a variety of free templates and if you are just exploring a hobby, you can host your blog at a wordpress subdomain for free.

Drupal is less about blogging and more about social components like forums, profiles, integrating openid and more.  Their upcoming version, Drupal 8 will support cross platform formatting, multi-language support.  They have also upgraded their text editor to allow faster edits and increased security.  Customization and theming have been simplified and improved.

 Textpattern emphasises text formatting it is very easy to use for beginners.  This is a great tool for designers and developers because of the built in code tags that allow customization of dynamic display.  All plugins are copy/paste, browser based templates are code- editing friendly.

RadiantCMS is similar to textpattern but its written in a different language. They call themselves no fluff specifically for team use.  It is free for personal or commercial use.  Their custom tagging language offers development teams great flexibility,

Cushycms is a different kind of content solution that doesnt have to be installed.  Their free version only supports up to five pages.  Basic HTML knowledge is needed to use this platform.  The paid version allows complete customization and extended support.

Paid content management systems: Expressionengine is super easy and not confusing to use on the backend.  They offer endless customizable features including custom templates and subtemplates, multiple spam deterrents and security features as well as customizable publishing features.  If they do not offer something you want, they allow customization through their development team.  They also have hosting options and the ability to use their services and templates for more than one website.

 Joomla is similar to Drupal but its additional features are paid.  Joomla itself is opensource and free to use and is easy to learn.  Some of the paid additions can offer great usefulness with inventory management, cataloging, data reporting,directories, advanced communications and more.

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